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Senior Peer Volunteers

Our senior volunteers help provide telephone support for socially isolated seniors in the Hamilton community.

Telephone support for socially isolated seniors, by our senior peer volunteers.

Client eligibility is 60 year of age and older, residing in the City of Hamilton and at least one other from the following list:

  • Client previously required coordination of multiple services through Intensive Case Management and follow-up/monitoring is now required. 
  • Change of residence and/or supports within the past year, e.g. absence of an involved family member, spouse, friend or agency
  • Evidence of self-neglect or any form of elder abuse by a family member, caregiver or any other individual
  • Circumstances compromising functional capacity including cognitive or physical impairment with confusion, memory and sensory losses.

Contact info

To make a referral to a Seniors program, use this referral form:

Referral form

Or contact our Intake office at
905-527-3823 Ext. 279