Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Group Conferencing

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program offers a strengths-based, inclusive and collaborative approach to resolve child protection issues or disputes. It is a voluntary program that encourages the involvement and support of the family, extended family and the community in the planning and decision-making processes for children. 

Catholic Family Services offers two forms of ADR:

Family Group Conferencing (FGC)

FGC is a process that brings together the family (including the child where appropriate), the child’s extended family and community, child protection workers, and service providers to develop a plan that addresses the protection concerns identified. It is a facilitated by a family group conferencing coordinator. 

Rapid Response

A faster and more condensed model of ADR, sessions are booked with 24-72 hours of referrals. Like Family Group Conferencing all parties meet and discuss issues and develop a plan in a facilitated conversation. 

Referrals for ADR programs are made directly by Children Aid Societies or Catholic Children Aid Societies.

For information or referrals contact the ADR program at

Or call the CFS Intake office at 905-527-3823 ext. 279.