How can we help?

For questions about the Counselling and PAR programs, please contact
Janis Giftopoulos, Director of Client Services, 905 575 7500, ext. 327.
For questions about the Seniors or Developmental Services programs, please contact
Lina Winship, Team Leader, 905 575 7500, ext. 336.
For questions about the Young Parent Program, please contact
Kathy Holmes, Team Leader, Young Parent Program, 905 575 7500, ext. 317.
For questions about the Early Learning Child Centre, please contact
Tina Montreuil, Team Leader, ELCP, 905 575 7500, ext. 318.
For media inquiries and all other questions, please contact
Fivel Flavour, Executive Director, 905 527 3823, ext. 226.


The Counselling Centre &
Administrative Office
460 Main Street East, Unit 404
Hamilton, ON L8N 1K4

St. Martin’s Manor
500 Mohawk Rd West
Hamilton, ON L9C 1X4

Dundas Villa
St Joseph’s Villa
56 Governors Rd
Dundas, ON L9H 5G7


Telephone: 905-527-3823
Long Distance: 1-877-527-3823
Fax:  905-546-5779


Telephone: 905-527-3823
Long Distance: 1-877-527-3823
Fax: 905-546-5779