Children's Counselling

A 7-week psycho-educational/counselling group for children ages 8-16 who have witnessed violence in their families. 

The objectives of the child witnessing group are to help children:

  • Gain perspective about their experience
  • Assess safety issues
  • Identify and learn to approach safe people in their lives
  • Achieve sense of mastery and confidence in themselves and their environment

Topics Covered: 

Self-esteem; safety planning, violence and healthy relationships, feelings, communication, and anger, boundaries and self-care

The Children’s Counselling program responds to the needs of children who have witnessed women abuse, with trauma-informed services that include assessment, safety planning, counselling, and short-term follow-up supports.

Eligibility:  Services are available for children, 18 years or younger, who have witnessed women abuse in their homes.

Questions/Referrals can come from individuals, families as well as professionals in the community.