Child Care Programs

St. Martin’s Manor Early Learning Centre

St. Martin’s Manor Early Learning Centre offers high quality early learning programs in a play-based environment for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  The Registered Early Childhood Educators in our program have specialized training in Infant Mental Health, supporting children with special needs, and are committed to ongoing professional learning in their field. 

Using the four foundations of How Does Learning Happen: Belonging, Well-Being, Expression and Engagement, our team specializes in supporting the children of young parent families (parents under the age of 25) and children with physical, emotional, and cognitive special needs.

We will:

  • Provide play-based learning experiences for children in a warm and nurturing environment
  • Build healthy social relationships with other children and caregivers
  • Work together with parents, family and community supports to help children reach their goals and foster healthy attachment
  • Create an inclusive environment for all people – children and families.

Infant Program

The infant program welcomes children from 2 months until approximately 1½ years of age. 

Infants are cared for according to their own individual schedules for eating, sleeping and diapering.  Each day Registered Early Childhood Educators offer a variety of activities indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) which support the children’s interests and developmental level. 

Snacks and a lunchtime meal are provided by the program.  Parents are responsible for providing breastmilk and/or formula.  All food items served in the infant program are done so in consultation with the child’s parents or guardians. 

Toddler Program

Children between the ages of 18 months and 2½ years are welcomed into our toddler program.

The toddler room is often a child’s first experience of independence.  Children are encouraged to feed and dress themselves to the best of their abilities with our Registered Early Childhood Educators assisting them when needed.  Activities are planned after careful observation of the children’s interests and developmental levels. 

All toddlers are provided with a morning and afternoon snack, a lunchtime meal and fresh fruit and water are available at all times throughout the day.  

Preschool Program

The preschool program welcomes children from 2 ½ years until they enter school. 

Preschoolers are supported to be more independent including serving themselves at meal time and assisting in caring for the classroom and playground.  The focus of the preschool program is on social and emotional development using the children’s interests as a guide when planning activities. 

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Contact Info

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

​For information on how to add your child’s name to our wait list please contact Sherri Brown at 905-575-7500 ext. 318 or by email at



We strive to create an inclusive environment where children are seen as competent and capable, and where children with differing abilities are supported to build relationships with compassion for others.


A focus on positive relationships, outdoor play, nutritious meals and positive mental health supports children in achieving optimal health.


Educators use a variety of modalities to support children to express their feelings, thoughts, interests and wonder.


A variety of indoor and outdoor, active and quiet experiences support children to engage in the program and with one another at a level that is comfortable to them.